LaTeX for Slack

Share beautifully formatted equations directly in Slack.

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LaTeX for Slack works for any device

Works on Web, Mobile, Desktop Apps

LaTeX for Slack needs no system installs

No system installs, works for everyone instantly

LaTeX for Slack has history of equations

View history of equations for fast recall

Export equations to json in LaTeX for Slack

Export all rendered equations as json

Custom endpoint in LaTeX for Slack

Custom endpoint for very fast LaTeX renders


Our pricing is a simple flat rate for every Slack team. Render as many equations as you'd like.

One price for all
Unlimited Usage
One Price per Team
Easy to Use
14 day free trial
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Focus on What Matters

Clearly communicate with properly formatted equations.

increase productivity with LaTeX for Slack

Increase productivity

share equations in LaTeX for Slack

Share your ideas instantly

collaborate in LaTeX for Slack

Collaborate directly in Slack


Does it work on all platforms?
Yes! LaTeX for Slack works on web, mobile, and desktop apps.
Do individual users need to install anything?
No individual installation. Once LaTeX for Slack is enabled for the Slack workspace, all members of the team can use the /latex command and view renders from other users.
Is the rendering fast?
Yes, LaTeX for Slack uses a private rendering endpoint for very fast renders.
Can I export my data?
Yes, at any time you can download a list of LaTeX snippets that have been rendered by your Slack team.
Can I view my previously rendered equations?
Yes, you can view the last ten LaTeX snippets you rendered with the '/latex history' command.
How do I start?
Click the 'Add to Slack' button. After confirming the trial, the `/latex` command will be available in your Slack workspace.
I have a question. Where can I contact you?
We can be reached at
What is LaTeX?
LaTeX is a markup language that makes it easy to share equations/formulas and other typeset structures.
How are you protecting my data?
All data is transmitted and stored using commercial grade encryption. Our infrastructure lives in AWS and follows security best practices. All payment processing is handled through Stripe.
How do I cancel?
Within the Slack App, click on "Billing Portal", and then click "Cancel Subscription". We are also available at to help.